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February 17 @ 8:00pm

Riot! Big Bosses + Deuce + The Johnsons

Every Saturday at 8pm, The Coalition Theater presents a selection of their houseteams performing killer long form improv comedy inspired by your suggestions. This week features Big Bosses and The Johnsons.

A rotating cast of the Coalition’s directors, coaches, and teachers


Castor and Pollux. Ying and Yang. Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Yeah, Greg and Patrick are kinda like that. They’re old roommates. Long time friends. And if one shows up dead, suspect the other first. I mean, look at their initials…freaky, huh?

What the Deuce? It’s at once relaxed and frenzied, intelligent and base, pitiless and empathetic – a show as compatibly at odds as its performers.

Cast – Greg Pokusa and Patrick Gantz

Scott Beckett, Shawn Hambright, John Hilowitz, Joe McAlhany, Jonathan Nelson, Jessi Schmale, Lauren Serpa, Alan Vollmer
Coach: Patrick Gantz