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May 27 @ 8:00pm

Riot! Ambassador + Da VInci + Big Bosses

Riot! Big Bosses + Da Vinci + Ambassador

Every Saturday at 8pm, The Coalition Theater presents a selection of their houseteams performing killer long form improv comedy inspired by your suggestions. This week features Big Bosses, Da Vinci, and Ambassador.

A rotating cast of the Coalition’s directors, coaches, and teachers

Zane Adickes, Patrick Allen, Ben Bunnell, Shamoniki Ellison, Laura Kelly, Grace Manno, Matt Micou, Elliot Wegman
Coach: David Pijor

Greg Ceneviva, Ryan Clatterbuck, Dee Demetriadis, Eric Gordon, Casey Neeley, Nicole Patterson, Kolt Risser, James Russell
Coach: Scott Beckett