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Friday, 3/24 @ 10:00pm

Roll 4 Brunch

Roll for Brunch

In a classic Dungeons & Dragons game, characters roll to perform acrobatic feats, swing swords, and cast ridiculous magic spells… but in this live modern-day Richmond role playing game, characters may discretely send text messages, argue over drink specials, or roll dice to determine the quality of an Uber ride. Oh, and cast ridiculous magical spells

This show features Coalition improvisers Robert Sobecke, Katie Holcomb, and Dustin Correale playing modern-day Richmond characters, local D&D superstar Peter Trauernicht as a classic fantasy wizard, and Brunch Master Adam Stackhouse overseeing the high-tension dice rolls as the team of performers embark on a series of adventures driven by audience suggestions. This four-week run will follow the cast of characters and players through one campaign, told in four completely different episodes. To adventure!

Sponsored by One Eyed Jacques