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Friday, 9/22 @ 10:00pm

Trapped in the Cage

Trapped in the Cage with Nicolas Cage LIVE!

Are you dazzled and mystified by the works of America’s Acting Treasure, Nicolas Cage? Your two brotherly hosts, Alex and Josh Katz, certainly are. So much so that they made a podcast all about the man. Every episode features a brief guest interview* with Nicolas Cage himself. Yes, the real Nicolas Cage, for sure! We’ve taken our show on the road this time! Enjoy an evening of goofs, clips, and philosophizing whether or not winners really do go home to bang the prom queen.

*: Nicolas Cage is, of course, ephemeral and capricious like a trickster god, and we cannot guarantee he will appear as promised on every single episode. It’s all jokes, guys. Live a little.